Attendance Information

Reporting an Absence

For Years 7-13 please use our dedicated absence line: 01283 376751

Please ensure you tell us:

  • Your child’s name
  • Your name
  • Their tutor group
  • The reason for absence and length of absence if known.

Absences must be reported each day the child is absent. Please do not state they are ‘unwell’ or that you have ‘emailed their tutor/head of year’.

In order to record the absence and offer support to students when needed we need to understand why they are absent.


You can also report if your child will be late via the absence line.

Appointments during the school day

Appointments should, where possible be arranged around the school day. If they are unable to be scheduled at any other time you should make the school aware of the appointment before the student is absent from school.

You must provide evidence of the appointment for this to be recorded and authorised correctly. This can be taken to the data hub by the student or emailed.

Should your child have an ongoing medical illness please do let the school know so that a Medical Health Care Plan can be completed.

For Years 7-13 please email: [email protected] 

Leave of Absence

All requests for Leave of Absence must be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance of the absence. You must provide documents to support the reason for absence e.g. wedding invitation, proof of travel, exam or competition confirmation.

Years 7-11 Leave of Absence request on this link 

Sixth Form Leave of Absence request on this link

Headteachers are unable to authorise absence for leave in Term Time unless the reasons for this are deemed to be exceptional.

Unauthorised leave of absence could lead to a Penalty Notice being issued by the local authority, per parent, per child.

Medical Evidence Years 7-13

Reasons we may request medical evidence:

If attendance is below expected levels (93%)

If the student is absent for 5 or more days in a row

If we believe the student is absent for reasons other than illness.

If the student will be attending a medical/dental appointment during the school day.

What is medical evidence?

An appointment card or letter, copy of a prescription, blood test form, confirmation of a booked appointment (text/email), dated letter or note from a medical professional, confirmation of test result (text/email). This is not an exhaustive list.

Medical evidence can be taken to the data hub by the student or emailed to [email protected] 

Are you worried about your child's attendance?

Is your child regularly missing school due to ill health?

Have there been a change in home circumstances that impact of their school attendance or lateness?

Does your child refuse to attend school?

Are you unsure about how absence and lateness has been recorded?

If you have any concerns about your child’s attendance or their lateness please contact the Attendance Intervention Manager on 01283 247 800.

Attendance Key:

  • 97-100 % - Well Done
  • 93-97% - Risk of Underachievement
  • 90-93% - Serious risk of Underachievement
  • Below 90% - Serious cause for concern and underachievement. Attendance Intervention Manager Involved.

There are a number of ways that as parents/carers you can support your child:

  • Encourage them to be up early enough to have a healthy breakfast before they come to school. Ensure they follow a healthy lifestyle including the appropriate amount of sleep, exercise, relaxation and study.
  • Ensure that they arrive punctually with all the equipment/kit they need for the day. If you bring your child to school in the car and traffic is queuing up in the village, to prevent them being issued with a late mark, please encourage them to get out and walk instead of waiting to be dropped by the gate. If the weather will have an impact on travel times, please allow extra time to avoid lateness.
  • Check Go 4 Schools to ensure expectations and homework deadlines are met.
  • Attend parents’/carers’ evenings.
  • Encourage your child, or make contact with school yourself, to discuss any issues or concerns which you may have at the earliest opportunity.
  • JTMAT schools will never authorise the unilateral withdrawal of students by their parents as a result of a parental concern or complaint.  Such absences can be damaging to children's education, are unnecessary, do not allow staff to deal with the issue efficiently, and, as a consequence, will be unauthorised.

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