This page details the attendance information for John Taylor High School including the attendance policy, term dates and the Attendance Intervention Manager (AIM) leaflet.


Year 7-11 Attendance

Attendance in school for 2017/2018 has been as follows:

Period of Return:   % Attendance
Sept 17- July 18 96.19%
Authorised Absences 3.33%
Unauthorised Absences 0.48%
Overall Attendance if there was no unauthorised leave of absence. 96.35%

Attendance per Half Term:

Half Term

% Attendance

Number of Students < 90% attendance

Number of student 100% attendance

Autumn 1




Autumn 2




Spring 1




Spring 2




Summer 1




Summer 2 ( Not inc. Year 11)





At John Taylor High School, we believe that, although often insufficiently stated, students need to attend school regularly to benefit from their education and to fulfil their potential. Missing school leave students vulnerable to falling behind.

It may be useful for you to know what the attendance figure of for your child means:

Attendance Key:

97-100 % - Well Done

93-97% - Risk of Underachievement

90-93% - Serious risk of Underachievement

Below 90% - Serious cause for concern and underachievement. Attendance Intervention Manager Involved.


There are a number of ways that as parents/carers you can support your child:

  • Encourage them to be up early enough to have a healthy breakfast before they come to school. Ensure they follow a healthy lifestyle including the appropriate amount of sleep, exercise, relaxation and study.
  • Ensure that they arrive punctually with all the equipment/kit they need for the day. If you bring your child to school in the car and traffic is queuing up in the village, to prevent them being issued with a late mark, please encourage them to get out and walk instead of waiting to be dropped by the gate. If the weather will have an impact on travel times, please allow extra time to avoid lateness.
  • Check Go 4 Schools to ensure expectations and homework deadlines are met.
  • Attend parents’/carers’ evenings.
  • Encourage your child, or make contact with school yourself, to discuss any issues or concerns which you may have.

JTMAT schools will never authorise the unilateral withdrawal of students by their parents as a result of a parental concern or complaint.  Such absences can be damaging to children's education, are unnecessary, do not allow staff to deal with the issue efficiently, and, as a consequence, will be unauthorised.


Holidays in Term Time:

John Taylor High School needs to meet the target of 97% Attendance. We can only do this if parents support us fully. A way this can be done is for students not to be absent through unauthorised leave- holidays.

There are 175 non-school days a year for holidays, cultural experiences and family time.  Regular attendance at school is vital to help children and young people achieve their full potential and get the best possible start in life.

Thank you to those parents who are helping us raise our attendance levels, which helps our children to get the most out of their educational experience.

Term dates can be found here.


Punctuality is also important. Arriving late to school and into lessons is very disruptive for the teacher and other class members. It also means that late students themselves miss important input from teachers.  We expect all students to be in school by 08.55am at the latest so that they can start the school day promptly.


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